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    Data encrypt pin on logger

    Hi Thalia, Thank you for your inquiry. We have the ability here at NRG to crack the PIN. Please email one RWD file to either myself at tms@nrgsystems.com, or to the Tech Support inbox at support@nrgsystems.com. Tyler
  2. Tyler Stoddard

    Drilling anchor holes in rock

    Hello Gene, The rods used to drill holes for rock anchors come in a variety of sizes and you can find them at most jackhammer, or rock drill websites. What you want to make sure of when deciding on a rod and bit, is that the threads match. Here we use 1" rods with rope threads. I will include a couple of links directing you toward some retail options. http://www.jackhammers.com/related-accessories/rock-bits-drill-rods/rope-rod-drill-rods-rock-bits.html http://www.crowdersupply.com/r25-100rope.htm Tyler