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Download partial files (yes or no)

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Dear all,


I have a problem with iPack setting, in tab "settings" there's a choice for "Download partial files". When i choose (thicked) "yes" and i press "call now" email succeed sent but when i change with "no" and i press "call now", error 2421 appears and disconnecting suddenly.

what should i do?. Thank you



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Thank you for your forum post.

If choosing to check "No" on Download partial files, the logger must produce a full day 14KB data file in order for the iPack to send the file successfully.  If you wait until tomorrow after the logger has completed writing a full days file, the iPack will be able to recognize it and complete the call successfully.


We are not familiar with the iPack error 2421.  Could you please take a picture of that and send it to support@rnrgsystems.com.  We are interested in knowing whether this error is real and relates to partial files, or something else is causing a problem.


Thank you,


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