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Nrg rwd files Automation

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it seems that long time nobody ask for nrg automation.

ANSymphonieAutomate.pdf can't find anywhere.

I find some script command like /S /i,but no script for password.

when i use /s , sdr ask for a existing nsd file.

Is there any script like /s ,but doesn't need existing nsd file ,and can setting encrypt code.



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Hello HuQin,

Thank you for your message.

Since the upgrade of our website, the apnote can be found here:



If you would prefer to convert using the settings in the file (rather than an NSD site file) use the  /q option, like:

SDR.exe /q 043420160309550.RWD

If your file has a PIN, use the /z option:

SDR.exe /z 1234 043420160309550.RWD



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