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  1. Thans for this information about GSM mobile.tutorgrid.com GSM Mobile Serves
  2. There is no ideal in the world. All have some problems.so no one is better then other.tutorgrid.com Online math tutor
  3. Is there any documentation available for wiring a Thies First Class to a SymphoniePLUS logger? Thies First Class has four wire (black - shield, green, brown and white). On the SymphoniePLUS logger has only "+" and "-" connection place.
  4. "All NRG loggers should be kept on Standard Time year round." What this mean? Our measurement are on +1 GMT. PacketMail works on -5 GMT (Eastern Time). What's time on our logger? We need to adjust it? Thank You.
  5. Dear Colleagues, I have problem with communication port for iPack configuration. My OS is Vista. Selected port COM1 and COM3 could not communicate with iPack. Tnx
  6. Hello, What are good applications for the new 95" boom? I was thinking about using it on a standard 60-m tower instead of the 60" boom. Looking at a tower shadow sketch, I see that getting a sensor only four tower diameters away from the tower would give a reading of at worst +/- 2% of free stream. For a 10" tube, that's only 40", and the standard boom is 60". So even if I were trying to get very clean readings at 10m AGL (on the 10" part of the tower), the 60" boom would be fine for every circumstance except for when the sensor is directly downwind (when you're screwed no matter what). Best regards, Alex DePillis
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