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  1. NRG Systems Inc., through its partnership with Wireless Innovation has made available the private APN "nrg.windlinx.com" for users of any Windlinx GSM SIM card. The private APN "nrg.windlinx.com" connects the GSM devices directly to Wireless Innovation's IP network, ?bypassing? or ?tunneling through? the internet (very similar to a VPN connection). Under this configuration, Wireless Innovation can ?see? all the way back to the device in the field, which is not possible with a public APN. This added "end to end" visibility of the network aids in troubleshooting and increases performanc
  2. An excellent paper that describes wind tunnel calibrations of cup anemometers, the results of which are used for wind turbine power performance and wind resource estimates. The paper documents interference effects between tunnel boundaries and the the rotating rotors of cup anemometers (including Windsensor and Thies) not taken into effect by the IEC. Wind_tunnel_calibration_of_cup_anemometers_-_AWEA_version_June_11.pdf
  3. As you may know, our long-time vendor, Otech Engineering, closed their wind tunnel and is no longer performing calibration services. Otech Engineering, founded and directed by John Obermeier, has been a leader in providing calibration services to the global wind energy industry. We congratulate John and Otech on their remarkable 31 years of business. NRG Systems will begin calibrating our #40C and Class 1 anemometers at the new and completely independent wind tunnel based in Williston, Vermont (USA), SOH Wind Engineering LLC. SOH is led by wind engineering pioneer Svend Ole Hansen and will
  4. The attached note which explains how to format an NRG-supplied SD card using a Windows 7 computer and SD card reader. TSB011_SymphoniePLUS3_SDCard_Formatting.pdf
  5. Hello - Sensor life is highly dependent on the environmental conditions the sensor operates under. In our experience, extreme ice, lightning, poor grounding, electrostatic discharge (ESD), highly corrosive environments, extreme winds, wind blown dust and poor handling can all lessen or end the life of a sensor (it is important to remember these items are not covered under the standard two year warranty). Mechanical sensors with moving parts such as wind vanes and anemometers also have different characteristics than non-mechanical sensors such as a temperature or pressure sensor, which
  6. NRG Systems receives many questions regarding anemometer accuracy, uncertainty and performance. The application note "#40 Anemometer Uncertainty" found in the Technical Support Documentation area of the website addresses uncertainty and measurement, anemometer classification number and calibration uncertainty. http://www.nrgsystems.com/TechSupport/Documentation.aspx
  7. NRG iPack Patch File Email Size Modern email clients such as Outlook will create large emails if left at the default settings. The patch file emails can easily default to 7k bytes or larger. Patch file emails need to be kept as compact as possible. When an email containing a patch is detected by the iPack, the entire email is downloaded to the iPack; if the email is too large, the download takes longer and the patch file may not be applied. The situation is exacerbated by systems inherently running slower data rates such as the Satellite iPack (Satellite runs slower data
  8. For information regarding how Windlinx may help you with your wind measurements, please see www.windlinx.com. Also be sure to explore this forum area which includes detailed information for installers of NRG iPacks.
  9. We understand not everyone wants to use Windlinx just yet. If you wish to use your own cellular and internet provider, please follow these guidlines. Q: I do not want to use WindLinx wireless services ? how do I opt out of this service? A: Depending on the type of iPack purchased, you can opt out of using WindLinx services as follows: iPack GSM/GPRS Quadband ? Remove and discard the factory installed GSM SIM from iPack-it will not work in any other device. Replace with GSM SIM from your preferred service provider. iPack CDMA ?Wireless Innovation customer support: msat@wi-ltd.ne
  10. It is possible to upgrade older Verizon based CDMA iPacks (SN 3531NNNN) for use on Windlinx! To do so, contact NRG for an RMA and let us know that you want to upgrade the iPack for Windlinx use (the unit does have to be returned to NRG for update). NRG will go through the iPack, make the necessary configuration changes and obtain a Windlinx Activation form for the unit. Once you have the activation form, you can go through the windlinx portal to activate the device and generate the IPK file. Only the Verizon based (SN 3531NNNN) CDMA iPacks can be updated.
  11. Prior to Windlinx' introduction in June 2010, the TELUS based CDMA iPack (SN 4222NNNN) was used for serivce in Canada. Intiialization was sometimes tricky for the TELUS based units and the TELUS based units were the only CDMA choice. For those of you that are used to the TELUS iPacks, Windlinx should be much simpler! With Windlinx, the user can purchase a Windlinx CDMA iPack (SN 3861NNNN) which will roam onto TELUS and BELL Mobility in Canada. These units are pre-initialized at NRG and no further intialization is required in the field. Just place the Windlinx generated IPK file into th
  12. There are some differences when installing a Windlinx Ready CDMA iPack (SN 3861NNNN) compared to the older CDMA iPack (3531NNNN). First off, the unit has already been initialized and call tested at NRG. This is important to note as the installer no longer has to perform the over the air programming (initialize iPack) step in the field. This means the installer does not need to be in a Verizon home area to activate the unit! What to do - pre-installation Make sure you have the specific activation form that was included with the iPack (and was also emailed to the purchaser of the
  13. Hi - Your method will give you the correct one minute average. However, one minute averages are not typically used in the windpower industry. I've added some more information below, in case it is helpful for you. For the resource assessment side of wind power, the industry has standardized on 2 second accumulation and 10 minute averages. That is, determine the frequency for each 2 second period of time and then average all those at the end of 10 minutes. It is also good to track min / max and standard deviation for each 10 minute period. Thanks!
  14. Hi - I'm not sure if you are having trouble formatting a new MMC or are having trouble reading the data off an MMC. If you are having trouble reading the MMC, you may want to contact us at support@nrgsystems.com for an RMA in order to return the card to NRG. If you are having trouble formatting a MMC, I have provided some additional information below: Symphonie MMC Card Compatibilty (http://www.nrgsystems.com/TechSupport/KnowledgeBase.aspx?id=156&category=13) Not all MMC cards are alike. Some MMC cards will not perform well or at all in a Symphonie logger. For this reason, it
  15. johng

    #40c on a Nomad2

    Hi - The "H" in #40H stands for "Hall Effect". The #40 and #40H anemometers are essentially the same except for the signal pickup transducer. The #40 uses a 600 ohm signal coil and the 40H uses a Hall Effect device. Both the coil and the Hall Effect device pick up the magnet's field as it rotates past them. The 40H is an "active" device and requires DC excitation from the logger in order to function. The coil version is passive and generates it's own signal from the magnet! For the 40H, the logger circuit will also need a properly sized "pull-up" resistor. For more detailed in
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