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  1. thanks for your response. I also realized also that the formula is displayed in the SDR when you hover over the offset/scale fields when editing the site database. Sounds like we're working on the same project... Thanks Edward
  2. 2 things... I realize I probably posted this into the wrong board (apologies) second, Another way to ask my question might be to say: If I know the offset and scale factors, is there any way to convert the scaled value back to a raw value?
  3. Is there any way for SDR to export (and/or store itself) raw (unscaled) values/data into ascii txt files? I've recently run into cases where discrepancies between commissioning sheets (and different versions of these commissioning sheets) and file-specific values of the scale factor and offset are causing me to re-run massive bulk imports. That is fine, except that I have a separate database as well for manipulating the data in other ways; and when this happens I have to re-run that process as well. A perfect fit, for me , would be to store the data in my own database in an unscaled manner, and then apply the scaling on-demand; based on the latest agreed upon scale/offset values. Thanks, Edward
  4. doh! better late than never ....thanks for the tip Edward
  5. Hi Dave, yes I have; but I've got a much more robust solution already custom made which can keep the old mail on the server without re-processing the data files (by using a uid list). I was going to use PopAuto as a backup plan, but I wanted to do it in such a way that I could forward the RWD files (or reattach them into a new MIME message) but I could never get POPAuto to extract the files --- it failed with a 'could not decode MIME message. (I did post a reply to an existing thread regarding this) Thanks for your prompt reply -- now enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, and I hope to hear from you next week Edward
  6. Hi, kind of as a continuation to my last post.... Thank you for the information on running SDR with the /S option. That is now allowing me to get the txt file output I was looking for from my .NET application. Unfortunately, my site database is not being updated when I do this.... Is there another swtch(es) to do this? (Provided of course that the site database exists)... Or is there perhaps a way to execute the batch command from the command line (ie, from a script/application)? Again, and as always, any info greatly appreciated, thanks! Edward
  7. aside from POPAuto is there a way to automate (e.g. command-line) the process of importing a .rwd and outputting a txt file? Thanks for any info, Edward
  8. Hi, I'm glad I found this thread as I am working on a small custom application which I want to use to forward (or generate) email to an account which the POPAuto should use to fetch our *.rwd files. Once I added the X-Mailer header with a value of "iChip" it acknowledged the mail. But I still can't get it to decode properly. It fails with a generic "Could not decode MIME Message". Is there something else that it's looking for specifically? I did notice that the multipart boundary also includes the string "iChip" but before I go down that path I was hoping someone could confirm what the other requirements are. Thanks for any info! Edward
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