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  1. Hi - I've recently opened some older site database files with data from 2003-2008. When I try to export any data, either hourly, 10-minute, the entire time period, or a subset of the data, SDR hangs and does not export any data. It creates a 1KB file, but it does not contain any data. I am running SDR version 6.00.26. Any help would be appreciated. Matt
  2. Dave - thank you for such a quick response. I thought that would be the case, but I'm glad you can confirm. Regards, Matt
  3. Has SDR been tested or qualified to run on Windows 7? I'd like to make sure that it will continue to work once I've upgraded from Vista. Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks, Matt Bullard
  4. In light of the findings presented at WindPower 2009, are your recommendations the same or do you have any further suggestions for utilizing data from affected sensors. Since it is apparently so widespread, how do you recommend we treat sensors not part of a pair at the same level but whose serial numbers fall within the affected range?
  5. I'm hoping someone can describe how PopAuto deals with importing RWDs into the site database file when run with the /S switch. I am particularly interested in how it deals with RWD files that have been flagged as changed. How do other people deal with the automatic processing of large numbers of sites' RWD files into the NSD databases? Thanks, Matt
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