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  1. Hi, I have a site where I check the signal of a cellular provider "A". I saw in Symphonie that the signal level is 18. Ie. very good signal. But, when I put a GSM card of this provider appear a message "REGISTRATION DENIED". The same occured with provider "B" and the communications only worked with provider "C". Therefore, we must have contracts with many differents cellular providers to allow a good functionality of Symphonie. But It would be more economical if we had a few cell services contracts. So, one hypothesis that emerged was: Does the Symphonie select only the provider that has the most strong signal? How can we solve this problem?
  2. Hi, I realized that the Symphonie doesn't record the minimum value of wind direction correctly. The value are always zero, or 345 for example. Otherwise, the max value, standard deviation and average value are ok. What is the motive for this? Is there anything to correct this? Thanks, Erick Castro.
  3. Thanks Julia, So I was thinking correctly. My point now is: Does #40H sensor have presented vibratory mode problem too?
  4. My kits contains #40C. The replacement will be for a updated #40C or for #40H? Otherwhise, Is the #40H a update for #40C or just other anemometer kind? Thanks, Erick.
  5. Hi, We bought 10 kits of anemometers from a sale representant in Brazil. Five (5) towers already were installed, but there are others five (5) not installed yet. Can you replace this anemometers not used yet? Are there costs of shipment to do this?
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