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  1. Data from four #40C anemometers on a mast installed in 2007 suggests that we may be seeing evidence of this failure mode. The serial numbers recorded by the field crew who installed the mast at first suggest that the senors are pre-2006 and so should not be affected (Sn: 2820, 2803, 2798 & 23912). But from your response it would appear that they could well be affected as the leading digits may not have been recorded. However, I then looked at some sensors we currently have in store and the serial numbers on these do not fit the convention you describe, examples being: one is hand scribed with the serial number: otc17174, another is hand scribed with the serial number: 6567-16, and another has no serial number on it at all. What is the reason behind the use of the above concention for identifying sensors and how do I relate this to year of manufacture?
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