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  1. Thank you for your response. The serial nos of my #40C is 179500097644 purchased through wind & sun, UK. I will send my document on calibration results to support@nrg, an email address I found difficult to find. My original contact was via your on-line contact form.
  2. I have just tested two uncalibrated #40 anemometers and a calibrated #40 anemometer in a wind tunnel under identical conditions. I was really concerned about the results and tried to make contact with NRG with no response as yet. I tested between 1 and 20 m/s. Above 5 m/s the results showed reasonable agreement. Below 5 m/s the new calibrated #40 show significant sticking. Extrapolating the above 5m/s calibrated results below 5 m/s indicates the uncalibrated #40 anemometers (used for 8 months) showed no noticeable sticking down to 1 m/s, but rather overspeeded by more than 1 m/s. When used in an MCP analysis for a low wind speed site these results are of a high concern. COME ON NRG. We need some answers. I feel I might as well buy some cheaper product or go for a product which you can trust.
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