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  1. Thats right. Home 341 and then the message pops up. It happens also when I press Home 342. The account is active, it works in my cellphone. I will ask my provider to check the Sim card and my accont, maybe it is not working very well...I will keep you updated. regards Jan
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for the fast response. I forgot to point out that the ipack worked for 3 month without any problems. Suddely it stops. At first I assume that I had a bad signal on-site, but the antenna test fails with the PIN error message. The signal stregth of my cellphone is very well. Any idea? Regards Jan
  3. Hi all, I have a problem with my ipack. I got only from time to time data from the logger. Too check out what happen I went to the site to do a antenna test, call now test, battery test etc.! Everytime while I do the tests the ipack shows me the message that my PIN number is wrong; but it isn't! Thats for sure because the SIM card works in my cellphone. What could cause the problem, is the ipack maybe damaged? Thanks in advance for your support. Best regards Jan
  4. Hi, Could I connect the Vaisalla WAA252 anemo. with the IceFree, 2C&3C-Sensors/Power Cable Kit, 67m? I guess it is much better to connect the Vaisala and the symphoniePLUS logger with the NRG cables and SCM card and not wiht the Vaisala calbe kit, right? Thanks for respondind in advance! Jan
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