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  1. Hi John, I know that RWD is a propetary format, with this in mind, my next question is if I can use your software in background for import RWD files to TXT files?, I can include your software for translate (obviously mention the program and your contact data)?, My interest is make my propertary software for my clients, like and bonus from him. My other question if when I import data with the next command: SDR.exe /s file.rwd, in some cases I get a file with the next text: "Skipped: No matching site file", how can solve that? Thanks in advance for your help. F.C.
  2. Hi, I Would like make my own program for get and processing my *.rwd files. I would like know the binary format for the *.rwd files, it?s possible get a description of this format?, or I only can work with the *.txt files?, my interest is save time of export the RWD to ASCII, and have multiples files with the same information, for that is important to me learn how work with the binary file. Thanks in advance for any help My best regards, Freddy Coal
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