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  1. Hello all, My group is currently in the process of converting from a text-and-Excel based system to a SQL Server based data storage system. As such, we have two separate workflows involving SDR. One has the text files exported to a location on the file system and manually imported to Excel for storage in a spreadsheet. The new system ingests the processed text files automatically into the SQL server. Since there are two different systems and the new one is still under testing, I am currently processing data with both methods. I attempted to install SDR in two separate folders in my filesystem (C:\NRG\SymDR and C:\NRG\SymDR_old) with different shortcuts to both instances. One instance is configured to read RWD files and export them using the old system, and the other looks in different locations and exports in the new format. However, the two shortcuts do not keep the settings separate. Is there a way to make sure that the two instances of SDR can run with separate configurations? Thanks in advance
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