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  1. Pearse, Can you confirm that the time server we should be using now is "wwv.nist.gov" not "www.nist.gov"? I find it odd that there is that "v" in there instead of the expected "w" for world wide web. Thanks, Luke
  2. David, Thanks for your suggestion. We're currently embarking on a data handling project that will live on a virtual windows 2008 server. Do you know if there is any way Postfix and Qmail can be made to work in that kind of environment. I think it would be much cleaner and more reliable than having a dedicated machine to handle the send/receive services. Thanks, Luke
  3. My company has about 10 sites with cellular iPacks and after considering our options for email service to use with the iPacks (windlinx, packet-mail stand alone, earthlink, gmx), we still don't have an email service that we're entirely comfortable with. Currently we have two GMX accounts setup for those sites, one sender and one receiver, but we're concerned with GMX being a free webmail service. Will it go out of business, with it's setup change suddenly, will a bear eat it's servers? So we're testing the forum to see if any other NRG clients are using an email service that they would recommend as being a reliable service that will work with one sender and one receiver (so it needs to allow for concurrent logins), it needs to work with POPAuto, and that doesn't require some wacky dial-up subscription to get access to an email account (Earthlink). Any recommendations out there? We still want to go with just one sender account for ease of implementation going forward. Thanks, Luke
  4. I just wanted to check in and see if there were any updates to this topic. My company just switched to google apps and I'm having the same problem with using outauto. Thanks, Luke
  5. Is there any documentation available for wiring a P2456A to a Symphonie logger?
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