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  1. ATTENTION: As there are many versions of Thies First Class Wind Vane, only with versions 4.3150.X0.210 (10k?) is the connection direct to Symphonie data loggers.
  2. Hello, 1) You can check the data logger voltage and internal temperature after you imported the RWD files into the data base. After importing, just open the site file NSD in Microsoft Access with reading option only and without converting the data base? There should be a table VoltsTemp with the information you want from the data logger. You can also get access to this information using Excel, but the steps are different depending if you have a more recent version of Office or not. 2) Regarding the iPack status, you can check the voltage at the comminication time that was configured in the i
  3. Hello. Does NRG plan to present a new paper about the Dry Friction Whip issue and new conclusions regarding the longer time of operation of the modified #40 model? What is the effect of the Dry Friction Whip on wind speed standard deviation? Thanks.
  4. Hello. My experience shows that wind vanes or data logger wind direction channels are prone to malfunction issues significantly more frequent than with other sensors or channels. I can say that 95% of problems we had was on wind direction and related with wind vane or data logger channels malfunction. Is there any way to improve this?
  5. Hello. Thank you. However I notice that there calibration reports for download of sensors until 92012. Were these sensors not released? Best regards, C.
  6. Hello Julia. Can you please specify the serial number of last sensor in the range of sensors with viratory mode? Thank you in advance. Best regards, C.
  7. Hello, I also would like to know what is NRG position regarding the questions made by Fabianb. Can you please provide an answer? Best regards, C.
  8. Hello, I don't know if it is the same situation. Although it didn't occour many times, we had masts that started sending a lot of partial files concerning the same day. In the wort cases we had one file every 10 minutes or without data. My advice is that you should replace the logger with a spare one as this is a situation that, usually, re-starts to occour after some time even if you performed a data logger reset. You can perform further tests at the office or send it later to NRG for checking. I think this is the best solution if you don't want to lose any raw data. Best regards,
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