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  1. Hi there, I am looking for some detailed instructions on how to take down an NRG 34 m TallTower. All I can find is the Installation Manual saying to do things in reverse, is there a better description than this? Any help would be much appreciated... Cheers, Dominic
  2. Hi there, We are decommissioning our NRG TallTower / SymphoniePLUS wind monitoring station. In the SymphoniePLUS manual I can't find how to turn off the logging - is it possible? Cheers, Dominic
  3. Hi there, It looks like I have a system that is not sending all the data vie the iPack and I am troubleshooting it remotely. I would like to check two things: 1) The logger status 2) The iPack last call / internet error codes Logger Status I have received 3 of 8 emails expected and I am wondering if I can get access to th Symphonie status information via the RWD or another way. Currently I can see the iPack voltage on the Symphonie Data Receiver main screen, but I can't see the Symphonie voltage and temperature (like the status screen). How could I get this information? iPack status and internet error codes Is it possible to get this information remotely if the connection works sometimes? Thanks in advance, Dominic
  4. Hi there NRG Team, I am setting up my iPack and trying to estimate the amount of data that will be sent per month for billing purposes. I was wondering, if we set the call schedule to every 2 days at 7:15pm then which RWD files would we receive from the logger? And how much data would they contain? Also, is there an average/expected file size for RWD files? Regards, Dominic
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