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  1. Is there any change in the power consumption of the Symphonie 3 logger relative to the previous Symphonies? I have a new install, powered by a GSM iPack on a battery, which is discharging about twice as fast as I expected based on previous installs with the same size battery. If there is a higher power consumption, then I'll need to recalculate my battery size. If not, then I probably have a bad battery. I've previously calculated with 60 mA-hr / day for the 12V-2V DC-DC converter and 12.5 mA-hr / day for the daily GSM call, plus a safety factor of 2 in determining battery size.
  2. While testing a configured iPack I've noticed a significant difference between the voltage measured by the iPack voltmeter card (shows 13.02 V, while sending data, using only internal battery power) and the iPack status which shows 12.7V. In the file sent back at the same time, the header shows iPack voltage of 12.77V. Why does this occur and which voltage should I trust? I have not opened the iPack to measure the battery voltage with a separate voltmeter. The iPack voltmeter SCM is configured with Scale factor 0.021 and Offset 0.
  3. Hi David, It seems that in the attached document two of the lines in the "Logger Connections" table are reversed. Shouldn't it be 1-Pulses with Ctr+ and 3-Supply with Sensor+12V, as it is in the figure?
  4. Oops. The question was meant in regards to the connection of the Thies wind speed sensor. :-) To be clear. For the Thies FC wind speed sensor, is it necessary to use some type of SCM card for connecting it? From the datasheets I read that the Thies has an output frequency of 1082 Hz at 50 m/s, while the Nr.40 has a maximum frequency of 125 Hz (about 65 Hz at 50 m/s). The RM Young Wind Monitor is specified to have 90 Hz at 8.8 m/s, (about 510 Hz at 50 m/s) and I see that there is a special SCM card for using it with the Symphonie dataloggers. In the Symphonie specs it says up to 2500 Hz is ok, so based on that, the Thies FC wind speed sensor should be fine, but then I don't understand why the RM Young Wind Monitor should need an SCM card.
  5. Does this only apply to the Thies FC with frequency output?
  6. Is there available documentation or experience using some type of stone filled guy wire anchors? I am planning a tower installation at a site which is mainly loose stones / rubble from 15 cm - 50 cm in diameter. They are too small to use rock anchors, but too large to be able to drive in arrowhead anchors. I was considering some type of anchor basket / platform which could be filled or covered with stones to a sufficient weight but am interested to hear if others have experiences regarding this, or other ideas for anchors.
  7. Good that you solved the problem and thanks for sharing the conclusion.
  8. Maybe it could be due to a poor connector or partial shorting between leads? If I connect a 5K resistor in parallel to a windvane, between the "+" and "sig" leads, I get a similar response to what you report using a Symphonie datalogger. Good luck! :-)
  9. Check this thread. http://forum.nrgsystems.com/forums/p/18/19.aspx#19 I would be interested to hear what your measurements show, if you have an opportunity to post back.
  10. Wouldn't it work to edit the site file history so that the sensors are all set up as "No sensor" for the period when data is not available?
  11. Here is study on the matter. Effects of Tower Shadowing on Anemometer Data, by William David Lubitz http://www.iawe.org/Proceedings/11ACWE/11ACWE-Lubitz.pdf, archived at http://www.webcitation.org/5xw8H8vUN From the conclusions section: "The results of the two case studies examined support the recommendation by prior investigators that mounting anemometers on booms greater than 7 tower diameters should limit tower flow distortion effects to a lower magnitude than the sensor uncertainty of the anemometer itself."
  12. A bit old for replying, but I would expect that it should work fine to use a voltmeter SCM to monitor the voltage on the heating cable. I haven't implemented this yet, but have considered it for some sites.
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