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  1. Hi David, It seems that in the attached document two of the lines in the "Logger Connections" table are reversed. Shouldn't it be 1-Pulses with Ctr+ and 3-Supply with Sensor+12V, as it is in the figure?
  2. Oops. The question was meant in regards to the connection of the Thies wind speed sensor. :-) To be clear. For the Thies FC wind speed sensor, is it necessary to use some type of SCM card for connecting it? From the datasheets I read that the Thies has an output frequency of 1082 Hz at 50 m/s, while the Nr.40 has a maximum frequency of 125 Hz (about 65 Hz at 50 m/s). The RM Young Wind Monitor is specified to have 90 Hz at 8.8 m/s, (about 510 Hz at 50 m/s) and I see that there is a special SCM card for using it with the Symphonie dataloggers. In the Symphonie specs it says up to 2500 Hz is ok,
  3. Does this only apply to the Thies FC with frequency output?
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