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  1. Hello Erwan, Thank you for your message. What do you see after importing the data files into Symphonie Data Retriever and then pressing Events? The Event log should show if its the SD card (MMC Card Failure) or if it's the logger itself is having issues (Reboots). My suggestion would be to try a new SD card and see if that helps. Feel free to send the last week's worth of data files to us at support@nrgsystems.com. Thank you, Pearse
  2. Additionally - if the North notch of the sensor is 160 degrees then the offset should be 160. Slope = 0.351 Offset = 160
  3. Hello yutthasak, Thank you for your email. You should be able to use a W200P on a SymphoniePLUS data logger just like you would use a NRG 200P. It can be placed on channels 7-8 without a SCM card, or on 9-12 with a #3152 200P SCM card. You should be able to use the slope of 0.351. The offset will be based on the direction that the North mark is pointing. Please reply with any questions or email us at support@rngsystems.com. Thank you! Pearse
  4. An additional pieces of information regarding this topic: If replacing or reformatting the SD card does not fix the iPackGPS.RWD issue, then the logger needs to be replaced. The iPackGPS.RWD files are the result of the iPackGPS being unable to pull the data file from the logger. Often this is because the SD card is corrupted and the iPackGPS cannot find and pull the right data file, and send the iPackGPS.RWD in place of the valid data file. If the SD card and been replaced and the issue continues then the iPackGPS is having trouble navigating through the logger to the SD card. This
  5. Hello Ryan, Thank you for your post. My colleague who is highly qualified to answer this question is currently out of the office. I've forwarded your question on to him and hope to have a response for you shortly. If you don't hear from us by the middle of next week shoot an email over to support@nrgsystems.com. Thank you! Pearse
  6. Hello Nicolas, Thank you for your post. The behavior your describing will happen when the data files are encrypted, or when they are corrupted. In this case it sounds like there might a little bit of currpution in the file, which is causing the CRC message. Sometimes we are able to remove the corruption from the files. Please send us some of these files at support@nrgsystems.com and we'll take a look. Thank you! Pearse Technical Services
  7. Hello, Thank you for confirming the battery voltage. It sounds like the driver has been installed properly considering COM3 shows up in the Symphonie Data Retriever application. The DB9 to DB25 cable does not require its own driver. It is starting to seem like the iPack itself might be damaged. Do you have another iPack available that you know is working and can use to test the connectivity of the cables? Let me know what you find, Pearse
  8. Hello, Thank you for your reply. If moving the sensor to a different channel fixed the performance issue, then it is safe to assume that the logger channel is damaged. Does the logger have an iPack Voltmeter SCM card installed on it? If so, is the iPack battery voltage above 10.5 v DC? If the iPack battery voltage falls below 10.5 v DC the logger and Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) application might not be able to connect to it. This should be ruled out before proceeding. 7.07.06 is the current version of SDR. There should not be a problem with the software itself. Sometimes
  9. Hello, Thank you for your email. If the voltage output of the sensor is logical, then it is fairly safe to assume that the sensor is working properly. Moving the sensor to another channel would be the next logical option. If possible bring a spare 110S Temp Sensor SCM card with you in case the current SCM card sustained some damage. Generally speaking, if the sensor is okay then the next likely culprit is the logger's wiring panel. Moving the sensor to a different channel will verify if the channel is the effected part. Usually the SCM cards don't get damaged but it can happen
  10. Hello, Thank you for your email. I'm not sure exactly which App Note you are referring to, although I think it's the "Technical Background Supporting Removal of the Lightning Ground Wire on NRG TallTowers". The document gives RNRG's reasoning in not recommending down tower ground wire anymore. I'm afraid I cannot give you any advice regarding the third party wind turbine because I don't know anything about it. I would check with the manufacturer and see if they have some sort of schematic or standard installation guide for the turbine. Let me know if you have any questions
  11. Hello Dave, Thank you for your post. There are many ways to extract data from an email account like Outlook. I know a number of customer's who also use scripting and rules to manage their data files. I don't see any problems with this method, so if it works for you then keep at it! Pearse
  12. Hello, Thank you for your email. Symphonie Data Retriever can be called up via command line and run in 'Silent' mode. More information can be found here: https://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/documentation-and-downloads/app-notesinstruction-sheets/detail/automation-of-symphonie-data-retriever. Let us know if you have any questions at support@rnrgsystems.com. Thank you! Pearse
  13. Great post Dave! Another customer of ours recently mentioned using Outlook Attachment Sniffer add-in to get *.rwd and *.rld data files out of Outlook and into specific folders. You can find more information about the tool here: http://www.rsbr.de/Software/OASniffer/index.htm. Pearse
  14. Hello Vinhguyen, Thank you for your email. Are you able to try the smtp.aaa.vn server again to see if you experience the same thing? I'd be interested to know if the first SMTP server works properly now, or if it again gives another iPackGPS.rwd file. Please send the two different *.ipk files to us at support@rnrgsystems.com and we'll take a look. Thank you! Pearse
  15. Hello Raquel - thank you for your message. Please send some of the 14kb encrypted files to our support inbox and we'll take a look. You can reach us at support@rnrgsystems.com. Thank you, Pearse
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