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  1. Hi I would like to know if it is possible to request some wind data files from datalogger remotely (using a satellite iPack). I need to download wind data of a specific day (01.03.13). Thanks, Aislan.
  2. Hi ! On 27.12.12 I received 3 files from the mast, via satellite Ipack, concerning this day. After that, when exporting the data to *.txt, it appears until the year 2105 ! The monthly file after 27.12.12 only shows hour by hour, I mean, 1h50, 2h50, 3h50... instead of 10 minutes interval (1h50, 2h00, 2h10...). What can I do? Reseting the datalogger will fix this problem? Thanks, Aislan Theisen.
  3. Hi, Maria! It might be the batteries. During the day (sunny time), the logger start to work again. Did you check it? Best regards, Aislan Theisen.
  4. Dear Julia The information you asked me: _______ EAN7539 - Asperezas - Rio Grande do Sul iPack SN: 462000342 EAN8447 - Joca Tavares - Rio Grande do Sul iPack SN: 462000340 _______ How can I send you the IPK files? Best regards, Aislan.
  5. Hi I'm trying to configure a new satellite iPack, but I got some errors: 2140 - Pop3_TIMEOUT_ERR 25110 - GPS_SET_EVT 2150 - POP3_NOMAME_ERR 25108 - CALL SUCESS_EVT 25109 - CALL_FAILED_EVT 2105 - PPP_ERR These errors occured in different moments when thying to performe a "Call Now". I followed an old configuration that I have from another satellite system that is in use in another mast. I'm trying to activate two satellite iPacks: Customer Modem Reference: EAN8447 - Joca Tavares - Rio Grande do Sul IMSI: 901032240084028 IMEI: 300025010222590 SIM: 8988169224000840281 MSISDN/C: 881692497348 and Customer Modem Reference: EAN7539 - Asperezas - Rio Grande do Sul IMSI: 901032240084031 IMEI: 300025010225590 SIM: 8988169224000840315 MSISDN/C: 881692497349 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Can you help me? Thanks, Aislan Theisen.
  6. Dear Sir I had a problem on converting raw data files. Some values of wind speed are completely wrong and I received the message "848020110322027 Warning: Possible bad data (mismatched CRCs)". Can I do something to correct the problem? Thanks.
  7. Dear Sir I'm trying to convert the *rwd data to *txt, but the SDR shows me the message "Bad or unsupported logger model". What can I do to convert the files? Thank you.
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