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  1. I have a question that relates to this thread... I would like to set up my call schedule so that I do not receive any RWD files that only contain header info (2 KB). Right now I have my schedule set to call every 2 days at 12:05am and I generally get two consecutive days of full files (14 KB) and one empty header file for the third day (2 KB). The reason I have call scheduled for 12:05 is to make sure that I capture all data from the preceding day. Can you recommend a time setup that you think will eliminate empty header files? Would setting it at exactly 12:00 midnight eliminate empty files and would I still capture 0-24 of the preceding day? Daily interval does not matter to me (Im thinking about upping it to call once per week). Thanks for the help.
  2. Hello, Is is possible to combine RWD files so that I have a full 24 hours in one file? Thanks
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