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  1. Have the next three days off, will change batteries on Monday and hopefully that should fix it. And thank you.
  2. Thanks for the swift reply. I have mailed the said ipack configuration settings.ipk to support@nrgsystems.com.
  3. Hello there. I'm a student from SRM University in Chennai, India. We have here a data logger (S/N:309016734) by NRG that transmits via iPack/GSM (S/N: 38601365). It hadn't been used for a while as someone else had borrowed the data logger(about 6 months). When we hooked it back up, everything looked okay. It did not transmit the said data every 15 minutes(initialised that way) or so but instead did so at random times during the day, say a couple of times in a day. We stopped recieving mail from the data logger. At the site, We tried calling from the data logger, it just kept saying iPack not found/ is busy over 30 minutes and on other occassions, an Internet error 075 popped up. PS: I idid see a similar post but that thread seems to be closed. Did not find a suitable solution from that thread(or just couldn't see it). That was atleast a couple of years old.
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