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  1. Hi, Sorry for digging up an old thread but the title is apt. Can you tell me if any of the Thies Wind Direction Sensor Compact are compatible with channels 7 or 8 on the Symphonie Plus logger? Link to the Thies specs for those vanes is: http://www.thiesclima.com/Wind_Direction_Sensor_compact.html Thanks very much,
  2. Hi, We have wind vanes in bidirectional winds i.e. blows from one direction for 6 months and then quickly changes to blow from the other direction for the next 6 months. As the wind vane is in the one position for 6 months, when the wind direction changes are there any possible problems that might occur? Would the wind vane have worn down excessively and so need to replace earlier than expected? Will the wind vane be able to move as freely over the directions it hasn?t been reading from due to dust buildup? Thanks.
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