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  1. When I run POPAuto, it does not always pull down the complete daily .rwd files for each site. I am currently using it for 3 sites whose data is sent to a GMX account. Here are the call schedules: Site 1: Hourly calls, on the hour Site 2: Hourly calls, on the 31st minute Site 3: 10-minute calls, on the 5th minute When POPAuto finishes downloading and sorting the files, the ones for Site 1 are fine; each file contains data from 00:00 - 23:50. However, the files for Site 2 and Site 3 only contain data from 00:00 - 23:00, or at best 00:00 - 23:20. The complete versions of each site's files are being emailed from the iPacks,and are present in the GMX account, but POPAuto is choosing earlier versions of the files and downloading them as if they were the complete versions. The result is that each daily file is missing the last 3-5 timestamps. This necessitates downloading the files manually, which defeats the purpose of using POPAuto. Any idea what is happening?
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