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  1. Also I have to ask, Why is it less to ship the 60m XHD w/ gin pole than w/o the Gin Pole? Is that a mistake? - Nick
  2. Thanks for the update Julia. EAPC Wind Energy (Norwich, VT) will soon have multiple used 50m and 60m towers from a wind energy campaign that we are decomissioning for a customer. We will plan to offer these used towers to customers and will ship them to the project site at the time of installation with our experienced crew. Our mileage rate to have the tower crew and the tower on our truck and trailer is approximately $1.10/mile and thus our price for 'shipping' these towers is signifacntly cheaper than by using the Intermodal frieght service you have suggested above. We would be happy if you could send any inquiries for used to towers to us if you find clients who are looking to save money on their wind energy campaigns by using a combination of used towers, new components, and reduced shipping if installed by our crew. Thanks, Nick Laskovski EAPC WInd Energy 802.649.1511
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