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  1. Hello all, I'm building some cloud software for automating the retrieval, processing, and storing of RWD data. Then exporting it to a web dashboard and data repository (for a client). I've gotten through step1 and step2 with the SDR by batch processing eveything in silent / import mode but I cant figure out how to get it to produce a custom NEF report from the command line. I've read through the pdf below but I dont see any switches for the reporting. Automation of Symphonie Data Retriever http://www.nrgsystems.com/FileLibrary/e510393a87c246648084d1cb79bf571e/ANSymphonieAutomate.pdf Two Questions: 1. Has anyone called a NEF report from the command line? or has does anyone have a list of additional switches that might help? 2. In the "NEFDef.txt" file I noticed some variables that arent explained %startdate%, %enddate% in the SQL section. Im guessing those are from the prompt for report Start and End Date... but... does anyone have any additional information on the SQL part of the NEF file? It's really handy but I'm wondering if there are any extra variables or calculations I could use. Thanks for the help, Steven Carmo scarmo@intrenix.com
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