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  1. Dear all, I have a problem with iPack setting, in tab "settings" there's a choice for "Download partial files". When i choose (thicked) "yes" and i press "call now" email succeed sent but when i change with "no" and i press "call now", error 2421 appears and disconnecting suddenly. what should i do?. Thank you regards
  2. Hi David, The problem still occurs. I created another iPack setting then "iPack Error" 2421 appears. I try following the hint to create a patch file and email, but Error 2421 still occurs.
  3. Hi David, in that document attached, there are 4 wire can be connected to SymponiePLUS3 but actually, there are 5 wire from Thies FC Anemometer (white, green, brown, yellow and shield) then, there are 4 slots only on the terminal that reserved for anemometer. So, my question is , where should I connect the yellow cable to SymponiePLUS3? Thank you Regards
  4. Hello anyone, I am configurating iPack email setting, SMTP and POP3 are already set based on our ISP information. But, when i press "Call Now" item and so on until appears text "email in progress"..and then below that text, there's text appears "Microsoft Outlook Te....(hidden by screen)" and email sending progress disconnecting suddenly. Can anybody help me with this problem, what should i do? Thank you
  5. Dear all, I am configuring email to IPACKGPS | 3G, GSM. SMTP server, SMTP Login, SMTP Password, POP3 Server are configured correctly with my server. But, when i press "Call Now" until " and sending email process until and there's text "microsoft outlook te....(hiden) under the text "email in progress". I don't know why. Please help me about this problem, what should i do? Thank you very much Regards, Malik Ibrochim
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