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  1. Yes thanks that did help. But i dont think the numbers I am getting (from the datalogging software, PC200W) are right. I tried to Spin the NRG 200P Clockwise and the values goes from 0 to 90 degress at 90 degrees of NRG 200P , then to 70 at 180 degrees, and then 55 at 270 degrees. I also tied to change up the wiring a little, i had the (+) end at VX1, (-) end at H1 and Ground at Ground. I got different results this way, but looking at the values again from the data logging software and comparing it to real time (visually) they dont line up. Do do think there is something wrong with my programming or something wrong with the NRG200P?
  2. So the data is collected from the Red end and the ground? I have attached two pictures, one the CR1000 input connections and second one of a screenshot of what the software (Short Cut) is telling me to do. It would be really nice if you could tell me where i should connect the Red (+), White (-), and Black (Ground) ends from my 200P Vane. -Thank You
  3. I am very new to both NRG 200P and campbell CR1000 I am trying to connect NRG 200P to CR1000, I wrote a program to connect CR1000 to NRG200P ( i just dont quite know if it works yet). But i am having trouble wiring the 200P to the CR1000. The program that comes with CR1000 says that i need to connect Signal to 1H, Ground to ground, and power to VX1 or EX1. But i dont know what is Signal, ground or power.
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