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  1. More or less. So what you are saying is that the sensor has a "dead band" between 0V and 0,835V? shouldnt that be in the spec sheet? is this a issue just of this sensor or is this present in other sensors? Best regards JPedro
  2. Hi Im making a program to integrate some sensors from NRG in a CampbellSci CR1000 but im having some doubts in the tranfer function that are presented in the specification sheets for example: in the spec sheet of the NRG #110s i have that the tranfer equation is Temp = (Voltage * 55,55) - 86,38 This, tells me that im going to read temp between -86,36?C and 52,50?C, correct? But the same spec sheet tells me that this sensor gives me an output of 0V to 2,5V in a range of -40?C to 52,50?C, that result in the equation Temp_1 = ( Voltage * 37) - 40 Can anyone help me with this? Thanks for your time JPedro
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