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  1. thanks for your respond ; i ve one more question : there is no wind so anemometer is stopped, if i change the direction of vane by myself it will affect to logger screen or do i need wind on anemometer?
  2. Hi, I have an issue about wind vane's direction degree on NRG Symphonie data logger screen. I want to ask some question; 1) I have 2 channel for wind vane 7 & 8 for wind vane 7 is always show 179 or 359 1st is for average ? 2) we use wind vane for showing people what is wane and anemometer in the office . So it is not professional system and we do not record our data . However at the 8 channel when i directed wind vane to 0 degree ( i did all offset and scale ) it shows 45degree and then when i directed to other direction it shows 45 or 0 it walks always same degrees . Why is it occur ? I think i missed some steps ? Best regards, ?mer Akatekin
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