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  1. Thanks for the reply. Agreed, the RH gradient is probably minimal across a tower, but regardless I was thinking more of taking my only RH measurement as close to the hub height as possible. I haven't read anything that suggests this is done very often (if ever), but I'm operating in a mountainous climate with harsh winters and the idea was to collect atmospheric data under sensor positions closely resembling those outlined in this paper on turbine icing losses: http://proceedings.ewea.org/annual2012/allfiles2/1337_EWEA2012presentation.pdf
  2. Hi All Are there any obvious advantages or disadvantages to mounting the RH5X closer to the sensor heights? Particularly in cold and elevated climates? If I were to extend my RH sensor to 80m (for argument's sake), what spec of cabling would I need to use with a standard iPack?
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