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  1. We have the above two sensors, purchased in 2009. They are rarely used and have relatively little "field time" spending most of their life inactive (no power to the data logger) in a dark cupboard. Should we be thinking about getting them recalibrated (especially the anemometer) from time to time if so who and how? On another note: I took the kit out of its dark room this week and decided to test the Wind Vane, for quite a while it seemed to have problems detecting north (giving steady but apparantly random other directions when set back to north), I would manually set the heading to north, start data logger, then every few minutes change the heading through W, S, E etc. and then go back to north. It always initally found north OK, and S, E, W etc. but on return to north would give a completly different direction. I pulled back the boot and undid and retightened the conections and I THINK it is OK now (based on one test), but feel a little short of confidence - any comments. Many Thanks froma wet 'n windy Scotland
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