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  1. Hello Max, I believe I have already sent you the encryption PIN via email. we are available at support@nrgsytems.com for any and all questions regarding our equipment. Regards, Drew
  2. Hello Pebs, I sent you some information through email this morning. It will be easier to continue this conversation by email than discussing topics on the forum page. feel free to send all messages to support@rnrgsystems.com Thanks! Drew
  3. Hello, Sorry to hear that you are still having trouble getting your iPack to transmit the data files. My guess would be that one or more of the parameters in your .ipk file are not correct or compatible. Please send your .ipk file from the site to our support inbox so we can diagnose the issues for you. Email the .ipk file to: support@rnrgsystems.com Thank you, Drew
  4. Yes, the Firmware V62 is compatible with a Symphonie Plus logger as well as original Symphonie and Symphonie Plus 3 loggers. You should always have the latest version of Symphonie Data Retriever (SDR) software on your computer if possible so the data files being sent from your system are viewed correctly. The latest version of SDR can be found here:https://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/resources/documentation-and-downloads/software-downloads/detail/symphonie-data-retriever-software We are also available by email at: support@rnrgsystems.com Thanks! Drew
  5. Hello, Thank you for your forum post. If choosing to check "No" on Download partial files, the logger must produce a full day 14KB data file in order for the iPack to send the file successfully. If you wait until tomorrow after the logger has completed writing a full days file, the iPack will be able to recognize it and complete the call successfully. We are not familiar with the iPack error 2421. Could you please take a picture of that and send it to support@rnrgsystems.com. We are interested in knowing whether this error is real and relates to partial files, or something else is
  6. Hello Vinhquyen, Thank you for your post. Could you please send your .ipk file from you iPack to the support inbox? support@rnrgsystems.com? With the .ipk file, we will be able to trouble shoot what might be happening with your daily files not being sent. Thank you, Drew
  7. Hello Sebastian, Were you able to confirm at the site that the pins in the 25 pin connector of the logger were all straight? If one or more of the pins were bent when you attached the iPack, then the connection would not be successful and the "iPack not present" message would occur. Has the logger at the site ever had an iPack attached to it? If so, did it have an issue causing you to need to change it? If there was an iPack previously at the site that sustained damage, the logger might also be affected and need to be sent in for repair. Please feel free to email us at support@rnrg
  8. Hello Sebastian, Thank you for your post. You are correct that the "Ext Bat" terminals on the side of the iPack are utilized to power the unit, but not charge the internal 12V battery. Answers to your questions: 1) Yes, the 5W PV panel does have enough power to keep the 12V battery charged 2) Yes, you can connect a 12 V dc power sorce to the "Ext Bat" terminals and also attach the 5W PV panel to the PV terminals. The iPack is designed to dump any unwanted/over power if needed. 3) The best solution if you have a power source available (230V ac) then you will need to convert that to
  9. The 200P wind vane has a dead band +/- 4 degrees where 0/360 degrees come together. If the vane is measuring in the approximately 8 degree area and stays there for a majority of the 10 minute average, a 0 degree reading will be reported. Instead of seeing noise from the dead band, the logger applies the 0 degrees so the data is not affected by odd readings. Let me know if you have further questions. Drew
  10. Hello Vinhquyen, I believe the 1 hour difference is being shown do to daylight savings that changed at the beginning of November. I'm not sure if Vietanm uses Daylight savigs to change their clocks twice a year. Right now my loggers show a 1 hour behind the standard time due to Daylight savings. You should not have to configure the Internet Time Server. That is performed automatically. Thanks, Drew
  11. Hello Vinhquyen, Thank you for your post. If the time zone you entered into the Symphonie Plus 3 logger is incorrect, then the 2nd file, after the internet time adjust will show this mistake by giving you an incorrect time. you will need to re-enter the correct time zone into the logger based on your area to fix the issue. Here are the directions from the manual: Setting and Verifying Site information, Time Zone, Clock and Data Encryption Time Zone and Logger Clock (Time and Date) Press [Home] [4] [3] [1] to display the screen that sets the appropriate time zone (the logger defaults
  12. Hello Vinhquyen, There is a way to remotely access your iPack and change the parameters. It is called a configuration patch. I have attached the Application Note describing this process. Please let me know if the attachement works on the Forum. Future requests and questions are easily answered by emailing us at www.support@rnrgsystems.com. It is much easier for us to respond with attachments and instructions through email. Please let me know if you have further questions. Thank you, Drew anConfigurationPatch.pdf
  13. Hello Vinhquyen, Thank you for your reply. Renewable NRG Systems is the only one who can send Reset patches to customers iPacks in order to keep the systems safe from fraudulent activity. If you could send us an e-mail at support@rnrgsystems.com I will be able to send you information and instructions on sending configuration patches and other pictures to help with instructions. The forum is very useful, but it does not have all the options compared to sending emails. Thank you, Drew
  14. Hello Vinhquyen, The reset of the logger is completed by holding down the reset button on the faceplate of the logger:see picture The reset will not change any of the parameters that are set in the logger. It just refreshes the logger with a reboot. For a reset of the iPack, the 12V battery inside the unit (2- 12V batteries in the Satellite iPacks) will have to be unplugged for 10 minutes, then re-attached, to complete the reset. If a reset to the logger/ipack needs to be done remotely, then Renewable NRG Systems has to send the reset patch to your system. We would
  15. Hello, Using your .ipk file and a recent .rwd file from the site, you are able to send a configuration patch to the site. In order to send a reset patch, you will have to send your .ipk file and a recent .rwd file to us at www.support@rnrgsystems.com . Resetting the logger/iPack cannot be completed by our customers. Send an email to the above address and let me know if you would like us to send a reset patch to your site. Kind regards, Drew
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