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  1. Hello the NRG, I have DR01/DR02 first class pyrheliometer. In the manual, They have analogue millivolt output which can be used in conjunction with the SymphoniePro. Please see the manual at attached file I am not sure when i connect the DR01/DR02 to SymphoniePro, the measurement is good or not good. Please share your experience with me ? Thank you very much vinhquyen
  2. vinhquyen

    iPack battery

    Hello everybody, I have a question about connecting from Solar Panel BSP5-12 5W to PV 15...28V termianals in Ipack. In this connection, i don't need to use the charge controller. Could you please tell me that mainboard iPack have the charge controller? if it have no the charge controller, it will not be good for solar panel and battery Thank you vinhquyen
  3. Hello Sir, Thanks for your information. I am thinking about remotely conection without SymphoniePro. The IpackAccess connect to VPN router ( attached SIM 3G) via RJ45. In the office, i also ues VPN Router....... Can i remotely connect to Logger Plus 3 from my office ( from my office to Logger Plus 3 about 400kilometer.) via VPN LAN to LAN? Did you use to try this?
  4. vinhquyen


    Hello Sir/Mad, I have a problem about sending email from ipackGPS. I configured ipack 2 mounth ago. It worked well. But i don't receive data via email now. I think that server is problem. But i check server. It is Ok. I press "Call Now", logger doesn't show error... It is strange to know this problem Could you please help me about this problem? Thank you very much Vinhquyen
  5. Hello Sir, I am so sorry for mistaking. In this case, scale= 29.86 /20.67= 1.445; offset=0 Best regards, Vinhquyen
  6. Hello Sir, I am using SR11-05 sensor in the first The information of sensor: Calibration result: - sensittivity: S= 20.67 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2) ; Calibration uncertainty +- 0.28 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2) In this case, Can i use the formula " scale factor = 119.21 / Calibration sheet number" ? (S = 119.21 / 20.67 = 5.76; offset=0) Please help me Thank you very much vinhquyen
  7. Hello Sir, I am in this case. I configured the first email server : smtp.aaa.vn --> i received 2 KB data files titled "iPackGPS.rwd". But i changed to the second email server: smtp.bbb.vn --> i received 14kb data files. I didn't format SD card. I don't know why.. Please help me Thank you very much vinhquyen
  8. vinhquyen


    Hello Sir/Mad, My iPackGPS always show SNTP_ERR message when i CALL NOW. Please help me how SNTP_ERR message doesn't show when i press CALL NOW Thank you very much vinhquyen
  9. Hello Sir/Mad, .I have a ipack GPS. I want to show direct data ( not email). It is same Scada system. it seems Ipack GPS doesn't support to show direct data, doesn't it? Do i have to use Ipack Access in this case? Please help me for choosing suitable ipack in this case Thank you very much vinhquyen
  10. Hello Drew, Thanks for your information As i know from website : timeanDate.com The was no time change for daylight savings implemented in Vietnam. There is no DST in Viennam.(see from this web site: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/vietnam/ho-chi-minh). My logger changed time when i installed it from June, 2014. And Interner Time Server : nist1-atl.ustiming.org is placed Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A ( DST started 9 Mar 2014 and DST ended 2 Now 2014) I think that my logger no time change now. But right now it still changes time when i " CALL NOW". It is strange. Best regards, vinhquyen
  11. Hello Drew, Thanks for your information. I re-enter the time zone into the logger UCT+7 ( because i am living in Vietnam). But the time still change when i " Call now" or receive 2nd file. EX: the logger is configured : mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm 11/14/2014 15:30 when i Call Now or receive 2nd file, i check the logger and i see that the logger shows 11/14/2014 14:30 I configure the Interet Time Server : nist1-atl.ustiming.org Do i need to configure the Internet Time Server?
  12. Hello Drew, The Logger is placed at somewhere is far. I want to change .ipk file by Remoting Access to iPackGSM Do i configure (parametters, email, Call interval...) for SymphoniePlus3 Logger and iPackGSM via the Windlinx service? Thank you
  13. Hello Everybody, I have a small question I set up the time in SymphoniePlus3 But when I press "CALL NOW" or receive the second file, the time change. The time is not right when i set up. It seems the time is updated to Internet Time Server. What can i do to set up the time is correctl? Thank you vinhquyen
  14. Hello Everybody, I am configuring Mail Access from Ipack GSM. SMTP server, SMTP Login, SMTP Password, POP3 Server are configured correctly with my server. But The Logger doesn't send file to my email which i set up I change my SMTP server to SMTP server : mail.gmx.com. --> The logger send file to my email (xxx.gmx.com) which i set up I don't know why. Please help me about this problem Thank you very much Best regards, vinhquyen
  15. Hello Drew, Thanks for your information If a reset to the logger/ipack needs to be done remotely, Renewable NRG Systems has to send the reset patch to my system. The NRG Systems need the .ipk file from the iPack and .rwd file in order complete the reset patch. I mean that How does NRG System do that ( reset to logger/ipack remotely)? I can't reset to logger/ipack remotely, can i ? I am so sorry for using my english. My english is not good Best regards, vinhquyen
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