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  1. Hi Pearse, Thanks for the advice. I've reset the logger as described in point one but still nothing is showing. I've taken the battery out the iPack and charged this using a standard 12v battery charges which indicates that the battery is fully charged. I've plugged in the iPack to the logger with the D batteries taken out and as soon as I connect the iPack the logger powers on so it's obviously charged and providing power okay. I don't have an iPack main charger we usually charge using solar panels but as stated power doesn't seem to be the issue. All pins appear to be fine. The fact this is happening with all 3 sets of loggers/iPacks, one of which was working fine less than 2 days ago makes me think it's simply a configuration issue, is there anything I need to do other than just plugging the iPack into the logger? Are there any cables I need to connect between the 2 (other than the earth cable) or options I need to turn on in the logger to make the iPack visible? Allan
  2. Hi, I'm currently having an issue with 3 symphonie data loggers and iPacks which I have been unable to test or configure to due always getting the 'iPack not present' message. One iPack and logger has been on site for the past 4 months working fine but when I brought it back in today and took it apart to try the iPack with another logger I had been having problems with, pairing back the known working pair now results in the same error message. I have purchased a brand new battery for another of the iPacks to no avail and everything I seem to try baised on the troubleshooting guide in the manual does't work. Batteries are full charged, have removed and replaced D batteries to make the logger detect the iPack, nothing works. If anyone is able to shed any light on he matter or suggest any possible fixes it would be much appreciated. Regards, Allan
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