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  1. David, Actually they are RWD files and come to me via e-mail. I am going to have my client first swap out the SD card to eliminate the possibility it might be a the card itself and not the data logger. In addition, I will have my client dump the contents of the SD card after its swapped out to see if the RWD files were corrupted during e-mail transmission. Will keep you posted. Thanks. Jerry Crescenti
  2. Over the past two months, I have encountered three separate occasions where I got the following warning messages in the batch file when running rwd files through the Symphone Data Retriever: xxxx20150410079 Warning: Possible bad data (mismatched CRCs) xxxx20150410079 Imported xxxx20150410079 Warning: file contains bad timestamps Note that xxxx is the data logger / station number which I have made anonymous on behalf of my client. In all three cases, the data record is missing at 11:20 local standard time. I don't think that this is a coincidence. Can you provide any input or suggestions as to what is going wrong here? Thank you.
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