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  1. Hi Patrick, Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like you'd like one of the following options implemented: 1. Convert command applies data encryption code saved in site file 2. A way to extract logger SN from an RLD file without decrypting it, via command line Which would be preferable? I'll have to discuss with our SymphoniePRO/software team to determine if/how/when either of these could be implemented, but neither sound unreasonable to me. Feel free to email support@nrgsystems.com to discuss further. Best, Natalie
  2. Hi Patrick, Apologies for the delayed response - I just wanted to confirm what you're seeing. You're correct, the encryption password does not get retrieved from the site file. However, you can pass the password in the command using the /pass parameter, e.g. C:\RNRG\SymPro\> start /wait SymPRODesktop.exe /cmd convert /file <RLD filepath> /site <ndb filepath> /pass <data encryption password> Let me know if that does not solve the problem for you, or if you have any other questions. Best, Natalie
  3. The iPackGPS.RWD files are due to a problem with the SD/MMC card format, so the card will need to be replaced or re-formatted. Please see the related post for further information: http://forum.nrgsystems.com/index.php?/topic/428-ipackgpsrwd-files/. Feel free to contact us at support@rnrgsystems.com if you have any further questions!
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