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  1. Hello Pearse, thank you very much for your answer. Fortunately, at this moment the Ipack Access is attached to the Symphonie Data Logger and working! I am pretty sure the model is a Plus 3 datalogger, so probably it was some kind of temporary malfunction, memory issue, or defective pin connection. Last saturday we went to site "ready for everything" (we took other datalogger, SD cards, Ipacks, etc, etc.) but we decided to give it a try... and it worked. Now it´s working fine. I will send you the Thanks a lot to you and the rest of your colleagues, they helped me a lot with this and other questions I had. Best regards
  2. Hi Drew, thank you very much for your help. I will check the pins, I didn´t pay much attention to this last time. Regarding the condition of the datalogger, it was working fine, because the Ipack GSM was connected to it and we were receiving emails normally. When we removed the Ipack GSM and replaced it with the CDMA Ipack then the "no ipack present" message appeared. We switched again, and the datalogger recognized and connected with the GSM Ipack without a single error. Then, we left GMS Ipack connected and took the CDMA Ipack back to office, thinking it had some problem. Once in our office, we connected that Ipack with another datalogger...and they worked perfectly! So, it seems the kind of error that is random. However, we will give it another try this Saturday when we go to site again. We will detach the GSM Ipack and replace it with the CDMA Ipack again (verifying all pins are ok). If it doesn´t work, we will try to "reset" the Ipack. If it still doesn´t work, we will check SD card, datalogger batteries, and everything we can because it´s real far from our office. Best regards,
  3. Dear Drew, thank you for your answers. I have one doubt though. You said the best solution (if I have 230Vac available) is to convert to 110Vac and then plug that to the PV terminals? But, isn´t the PV terminals maximum voltage 28Vdc? Thank you again, Best regards, Sebastián
  4. Hi Drew, thank you very much for your support. I sent an email with the ipk file to you. Best regards, Sebastián
  5. Hello, I configured an internet time server (Rocha, Uruguay, South America) but when I try to send email with daily data the email is not sent. If I remove the internet server, I get a warning message from Ipack but the email is sent without a problem. Why is this happening? Thank you very much.
  6. Hello everybody, I had the same problem. Have you found a solution I could use? I also tried the power off and reset options and it didn´t work. The more frustrating is that I tested IPack (CDMA) with a Symphonie Plus 3 datalogger in the office, and everything worked perfect. But when I went to site and tried to install the IPack I got the "IPack not present" message. Please note that I took only the IPack to site, and tried to connect it with the datalogger that was there. I didn´t take both datalogger and IPack I had tested in my office. Serial number of the IPack is: 716900147 Serial number of Datalogger (the one I used to make the test in the office, which actually worked): 49410884 Serial number of Datalogger on site: I don´t have it, we didn´t register it and it´s very far. If you already found the cause for this problem, please let me know! Best regards, Sebastián
  7. Hi, my name is Sebastián and I have some questions regarding recommended power supply for IPack Access. According to what I´ve read, if I connect a power supply (230Vac/12Vdc) that delivers steady 12Vdc in the "Ext Bat" terminals, this will power up IPack but *as long as the power surce is running*, it won´t charge the 12V internal battery. Is that correct? So far, we have always used a small solar panel (30x15cm aprox with an output of 15Vdc) that powers the IPack GSM and Datalogger. Then, when we replace GSM for CDMA IPack we connect a 12Vdc power supply on "Ext Bat" terminals, and the small solar panel in the PV terminals. So, I have the following questions: 1) Does the small solar panel have enough power to feed internal charger and charge 12Vdc batteries? 2) Can I connect both power sources, I mean, the small solar panel (15Vdc on "PV" terminals) and 12Vdc power source on "Ext Bat" terminals? 3) Which is the best solution if I have 230Vac in the panel where the Ipack is mounted? Use a unique power source 230Vac/24Vdc and connect this to PV terminals? Thank you very much!!
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