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  1. Hi Sir/Ma'am


    We are now again having issue on data transmission thru email of both our iPack. The cell signal is good but call function still fails. What other suggestions you can give us to troubleshoot the problem. We already resolve the problem a few months ago by replacing sim card with another service provider but it happened again. I hope you can help us with this problem.

  2. We already replaced the iPack battery when it fall below 10VDC and the logger is not detecting the iPack. Its current voltage reading is 13.398 VDC. As for the cables, we already have the software because the cable that we purchase comes with a CD installer. We already saw COM3 selection on the drop down button of the "COMM PORT" but still it fails to communicate with the iPack. What else do you think could be the problem?

  3. Hello,


    Thank you. I already solved the problem by switching the sensor from analog channel 10 to a spare flex channel 5. The problem may be the channel itself. The only problem we did not solve is the data transmitting of iPack thru email. iPack is not sending email for about 3 months. The sim card is good as per checking. We can not download the ipk file on the iPack because of communication failure. We dont know whether we are using the wrong programming cables or we are have skipped a step of the process. The version of our NRG Symphonie Data Retriever  is 7.07.06 because the one of the technical support of NRG told us to download the latest version.Is this the latest version? Thank you for your help.

  4. Can somebody advise me how to troubleshoot a temperature sensor of data logger. I already perform the voltage check and the resulting output voltage converted into degrees is within 2 degrees of the reference temperature prob meaning it is still good. I did not perform the current check because of problem with my digital multitester and it is very difficult for it to read a very little amount of current like 300 micro amperes and below. I planning to put the sensor into another slot with its SCM. i hope somebody can help me.Thank you

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