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    SementhilK reacted to dlutat in Down tower grounding   
    Regarding tower configurations, we have a 34m tall tower of which only 75 feet was erected, due to a test configuration on a small turbine. I have three guys installed at right angles for a total of twelve. I have read the announcement regarding the down tower grounding on NRG tall towers. While the literature states that the announcement applies to all NRG tall towers, is there any consideration I need to make for this configuration regarding the instruments a third party installs? I just want to ensure that my interpretation of the literature and test analysis is correct for the height we have installed. Thanks! 
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    SementhilK reacted to ibrochim in Download partial files (yes or no)   
    Dear all,
    I have a problem with iPack setting, in tab "settings" there's a choice for "Download partial files". When i choose (thicked) "yes" and i press "call now" email succeed sent but when i change with "no" and i press "call now", error 2421 appears and disconnecting suddenly.
    what should i do?. Thank you
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    SementhilK reacted to jcmaesch in CRC's do not match   
    I am getting the following message when I try to open any RWD file from a met tower:
    "Warning! One or more CRC's do not match - possible bad data. It is likely you need to set the correct PIN in your site file."
    I set and installed a new data logger with a satellite iPack on that met tower. I am receiving data to my mail with no problems, but I can't see the right values because of the encryption issue it seems I'm having. It is strange because I set a site number and a PIN in the data logger, but the RWD files I am receiving have a different site number than the one I set. What would be the right way to get this problem solved?
     Thanks in advance for your support!

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    SementhilK reacted to vinhquyen in Internet Time Sever   
    Hello Everybody,
    I have a small question
    I set up the time in SymphoniePlus3 But when I press "CALL NOW" or receive the second file, the time change. The time is not right when i set up.
    It seems the time is updated to Internet Time Server. What can i do to set up the time is correctl?
    Thank you
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    SementhilK reacted to vinhquyen in PIN for coding data   
    Hello All,
    Can the logger get specific PIN for coding the data to ensure confidentiality of data (we will change the access pin once the mast has been tested and commissioned on the site)
    Thank you,
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    SementhilK reacted to Aislan in Satellite error   

    I'm trying to configure a new satellite iPack, but I got some errors:

    2140 - Pop3_TIMEOUT_ERR

    25110 - GPS_SET_EVT

    2150 - POP3_NOMAME_ERR

    25108 - CALL SUCESS_EVT

    25109 - CALL_FAILED_EVT

    2105 - PPP_ERR

    These errors occured in different moments when thying to performe a "Call Now". I followed an old configuration that I have from another satellite system that is in use in another mast.

    I'm trying to activate two satellite iPacks:

    Customer Modem Reference: EAN8447 - Joca Tavares - Rio Grande do Sul

    IMSI: 901032240084028

    IMEI: 300025010222590

    SIM: 8988169224000840281

    MSISDN/C: 881692497348


    Customer Modem Reference: EAN7539 - Asperezas - Rio Grande do Sul

    IMSI: 901032240084031

    IMEI: 300025010225590

    SIM: 8988169224000840315

    MSISDN/C: 881692497349
    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 

    Can you help me?


    Aislan Theisen.

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    SementhilK reacted to Steve_Heidra in NRG #40 anemometers   
    I have just tested two uncalibrated #40 anemometers and a calibrated #40 anemometer in a wind tunnel under identical conditions.  I was really concerned about the results and tried to make contact with NRG with no response as yet.  I tested between 1 and 20 m/s.  Above 5 m/s the results showed reasonable agreement.  Below 5 m/s the new calibrated #40 show significant sticking.  Extrapolating the above 5m/s calibrated results below 5 m/s indicates the uncalibrated #40 anemometers (used for 8 months) showed no noticeable sticking down to 1 m/s, but rather overspeeded by more than 1 m/s.  When used in an MCP analysis for a low wind speed site these results are of a high concern.  COME ON NRG.  We need some answers.  I feel I might as well buy some cheaper product or go for a product which you can trust. 
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    SementhilK reacted to steve melling in NRG 200 Checking Calibration   
    Hi,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    I've had an
    NRG 200 Wind Vane for two years. There are some discrepancies in correlated wind direction
    data and i would like to check the calibration of the instrument on
    decommissioning of the met mast. I see there is some information in the
    documents section of the site, however, if the calibration is out, can i tell
    by how much and then modify my recorded data accordingly?

    Any responses or advice greatly

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    SementhilK reacted to metmast in troubleshooting of temperature sensor   
    Can somebody advise me how to troubleshoot a temperature sensor of data logger. I already perform the voltage check and the resulting output voltage converted into degrees is within 2 degrees of the reference temperature prob meaning it is still good. I did not perform the current check because of problem with my digital multitester and it is very difficult for it to read a very little amount of current like 300 micro amperes and below. I planning to put the sensor into another slot with its SCM. i hope somebody can help me.Thank you
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    SementhilK reacted to GeneRisi in Drilling anchor holes in rock   
    How are holes deeper than about 18" drilled in rock? I have not seen impact hammer/drill rock bits much longer than about 18" .
    Gene Risi

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    SementhilK reacted to madison00 in Data lost   
    i lost my all data to my MMC.can i get back all data? please anyone help me.
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    SementhilK reacted to carloswlkr in Looking for silent install commands for SDR   
    I would like to install SDR on several user machines that are in remote locations, and rather than logging in remotely, would like to deploy the package over the network. I would need to do a silent install of the software. are there any command line parameters available for a silent install? Is there an MSI package available? 
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    SementhilK reacted to fabianb in Vibratory Mode Anemometer Replacement   
    Good afternoon,
    Does NRG have a official position about what NRG#40C anemometers that could be affected by the vibratory mode will be replaced and what will be the procedure for this replacement?
    - Should the customers send data to NRG in order to prove that their anemometers are presenting the vibratory mode?
    - Should the customers return their anemometers to NRG?
    - What about the unsued anemometers?
    - Should the anemometers be within their period of warranty in order to be replaced?

    - Which costs are covered by NRG and which by the customers?
     Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    SementhilK reacted to Anonymous in Wiring Thies First Class?   
    Is there any documentation available for wiring a Thies First Class to a SymphoniePLUS logger?
    Thies First Class has four wire (black - shield, green, brown and white).
    On the SymphoniePLUS logger has only "+" and "-" connection place.
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    SementhilK reacted to juanconeras in Wind Vane Reading   
    Can anyone know the cause of zero degree reading for NRG 200P wind vane?
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    SementhilK reacted to Aislan in Requesting wind data   
    I would like to know if it is possible to request some wind data files from datalogger remotely (using a satellite iPack).
    I need to download wind data of a specific day (01.03.13).
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    SementhilK reacted to Julia Austin in Technical Support Bulletin 011 - SymphoniePLUS3 SD Card Formatting   
    Technical Support Bulletin 11 ? SymphoniePLUS3 SD Card Formatting 13 August 2012


    This bulletin applies to SymphoniePLUS3 data loggers with serial numbers below 494102284 and firmware version 34 or lower. These loggers shipped from NRG Systems before 1 August 2012. Any SymphoniePLUS3 logger shipped after that date has newer firmware installed that eliminates this SD card issue.

    Description of Issue

    NRG Systems has discovered a vulnerability in the SD card data storage of SymphoniePLUS3 data loggers. The problem is an addressing issue that causes the SD card to stop storing logged data. We have seen this condition develop after approximately 250 daily raw files are written to the SD card. In some cases, the Symphonie iPack?s programming can also become corrupted. This issue does NOT affect earlier Symphonie and SymphoniePLUS loggers which use an MMC memory card.


    NRG Systems has developed a proprietary format for SD memory cards used with SymphoniePLUS3 loggers that resolves this issue. SD cards that have been formatted using this structure will work with all Symphonie loggers and will prevent the issue with SymphoniePLUS3 loggers described above.
    NRG Systems factory formatted cards can be identified by the marking ?NRG FAT-A? on the card label. This will also show as the ?volume label? if inserted in a PC and viewed in Windows Explorer.

    A Windows application - SymphoniePLUS3CardFormatter.exe - has been released and is available as a free download by following this link: http://nrgapps.com/SDformatter.php

    All SD cards used in SymphoniePLUS3 loggers that are not marked ?NRG FAT-A? must be formatted using this program. Alternatively, NRG can provide newly formatted SD cards upon request free of charge.

    What you should do:

    1) Identify which of your sites have SymphoniePLUS3 data loggers.
    2) Check RWD file numbers from each site to estimate the number of days remaining before reaching 250. SymphoniePLUS3 creates daily files, and each RWD contains a file number counter in the 3 digits to the left of the .RWD file extension: SSSSYYYYMMDDXXX.RWD SSSS = site number; YYYY = year; MM = month; DD = day; XXX = file number
    3) Schedule a field visit to install a properly formatted SD card before it reaches file number 250. If it has already stopped logging, be prepared to reprogram the attached iPack (if present) with its IPK file. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance with this.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, and please contact NRG Technical Support if you have any questions: support@nrgsystems.com
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    SementhilK reacted to pcorcoran in PPP_Err: iPack Error Explanation & Solution   
    From time to time we?ve heard from customers whose GSM iPackGPS units have stopped calling, and are reporting a PPP_ERR. There are a number of different PPP errors that an iPack can generate but they almost always relate to the APN name, username or password of a GSM iPack. Here is the full list of PPP errors:

    The first step to getting the iPack working is to double check the APN settings, and confirm that they are correct. Make sure you have the latest version of Symphonie Data Retriever before proceeding. You can check what version you have by opening the program, click on ?Help? and choose ?About?:

    The current version is 7.03.15. If you have any older version you can download the update HERE.

    1.    Connect the iPack to a laptop using an iPack Programming Kit and open Symphonie Data Retriever.

    2.    Click on ?Site? and choose ?Modify iPack Settings?. Wait for the program to detect the iPack in the bottom left of the screen: 

    3.    Click ?File? and choose ?Load from iPack?. This will load the iPacks current settings.

    4.    Look at the settings in the ?ISP Access? tab. The PPP errors refer to the ?User Name?, ?User Password? and ?APN Name (GPRS Only)? boxes:


    5.    WindLinx settings are: User Name: web / Password: web / APN Name: nrg.windlinx.com or internet.

    6.    Other GSM carriers will have their own GPRS APN name, user name and password. You can check with them or reference this list: http://www.taniwha.org.uk/gprs.html. This webpage is good information about carriers APN information, however there is always a chance that it may be incorrect.

    7.    a)    If the APN information in the iPack is correct, close the Modify iPack Settings window.
               If the APN information is incorrect, uncheck the box to the right of the text box and edit it with the correct information. Once finished, click ?File? and choose ?Save to iPack?.

    8.    Move back to the logger and force a call by pressing [Home --> 3. Status --> 4. IPack --> 1. Call Now].

    If the call succeeds, you?re all done! If it fails, please continue?

    If the PPP error persists, the cause of this issue is likely due to the iPack?s modem connecting to a carrier that does not support the current APN name. Unless the modem is locked to a specific carrier, it will choose whichever one it strongest, which sometimes is not compatible with the iPack settings. Once this happens the iPack will not be able to call.

    To remedy this, the modem needs to be locked to a specific carrier.

    9.    Reconnect the iPack and logger to the laptop and open Symphonie Data Retriever.

    10.    Type ?nrgphone? into the keyboard (there isn?t anything to type this into, just type the code and the Phone Diagnose window will open).

    11.    Wait for the AT commands to stop coming which will be signified by a final ?OK? in the text screen:


    12.    Select the ?GSM Network? tab and click ?Check Network Lock?. You can see what network the modem is currently locked to. The network description shown will look similar to ?+COPS: 0, 2, 123456? (above, right). If the first number is 0, the modem frequency is not locked (auto). If the first number is 1, the modem frequency is locked to the network specified by the third number.

    13.    Click ?List Available Networks?. This will take a bit of time (15 - 30 seconds). This button will return a list of GSM networks the phone can see, including carrier name and a 5-6 digit code.

    While using WindLinx within the United States, AT&T is the carrier that you ideally want to lock to. It recognizes the ?nrg.windlinx.com? APN name, and once the iPack is locked to AT&T, the iPack should be able to call without any problems.

    If AT&T is not an option, T-Mobile works, but requires that the APN name is changed to ?internet? while using WindLinx. If you lock to T-Mobile, go back to step 1 follow through to step 5, entering the APN name ?internet?.

    ? To lock to an Available Network, click ?Lock to Network?. Enter the code from the desired network. Verify you get an OK. If you want to undo this, click ?Unlock (auto select)? instead.

    14.    Once you have locked to a network by entering the Network ID and pressing OK, click ?Save Settings?.

    15.    Click ?Check Registration?. This checks whether the phone is on the network or not. You will see a result like ?+CREG: 0, X?. X is the status - you want a 1 or 5. All possible status results are shown below:
    ? 0,0 - Not registered, Mobile Equipment is not currently searching for a new operator.
    ? 0,1 - Registered, home network.
    ? 0,2 - Not registered, Mobile Equipment currently searching for a new operator to register to.
    ? 0,3 - Registration denied.
    ? 0,4 - Unknown.
    ? 0,5 - Registered, roaming.

    16.    Close Symphonie Data Retriever and try to force a call using the logger keypad: [Home --> 3. Status --> 4. IPack --> 1. Call Now].
    If it works, great! If not, contact Technical Support at 1-802-482-2255 ext. 3 or by emailing support@renewableNRGsystems.com.

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    SementhilK reacted to pcorcoran in Upgrading SymphoniePRO Logger & iPack Firmware   
    Version 1.2 and higher of the SymphoniePRO Desktop Application will detect when new firmware is available for SymphoniePRO Loggers and iPacks and notify the user that they are available. The following instructions show how to use the Desktop Application to upgrade the firmware. 
    Downloading Firmware Files:
    A flag in an orange box will appear to the left of the File menu on the top menu bar if there is new firmware available for SymphoniePRO Loggers and/or iPacks. Clicking the flag will open the 'SymphoniePRO Application Updates' window, which will list the latest firmware versions available.

    Click the Download button to download the firmware. The firmware will download into the Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Firmware folder by default.
    [You can change the location that the firmware files are downloaded by clicking 'File' in the upper right hand corner of the application screen and choosing 'Settings'].
    *Note: If you are using an older version of SymphoniePRO Desktop Application (1.x.x.x.x), you will need to go to the RNRG Software/Firmware Downloads page http://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/documentation-and-downloads/software-downloads to download the latest firmware for the instruments you have. Place the downloaded firmware file in the Documents\Renewable NRG Systems\Firmware folder.
    Upgrading Logger Firmware with a USB or MetLink (remote) connection:
    Connect to the logger by establishing a MetLink connection or directly connecting the logger to the PC with a USB cord.
    Go to the Logger tab, and press the Upgrade Logger Firmware button in the Configuration section to open the Upgrade Logger Firmware window.

    Browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC (by default it will be the 'Firmware' folder), select the firmware version, click 'Open' and then press 'Start Upgrade' to begin upgrading.

    Upgrading iPack Firmware with a USB or MetLink (remote) connection:
    To upgrade the iPack firmware, go to the iPack tab, and press the Upgrade iPack Firmware button in the Configuration section to open the Upgrade iPack Firmware window.

    Browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC, select the firmware version, and click Start Upgrade to begin upgrading.

    Scheduling an automated firmware upgrade
    If you would like to schedule a remote firmware upgrade when you are not currently connected to a logger, this can be done in the Automation tab. Next to Logger (or iPack), check the Upgrade Logger (or iPack) Firmware box, browse to wherever the latest firmware version is stored on your PC, and open the firmware version. After selecting the firmware to upgrade, click Save to Site File at the top of the screen.

    The next time a MetLink connection is established (either Logger Initiated or Logger Listening), the firmware will be upgraded.
    Note: The only way to upgrade firmware remotely is through a MetLink connection. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you enable a MetLink Logger Initiated schedule, a MetLink Logger Listening Schedule, or both, when programming your SymphoniePRO logger.
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    SementhilK reacted to vinhquyen in scale/offset for SR11-05   
    Hello Sir,
    I am using SR11-05 sensor in the first
    The information of sensor:
    Calibration result: - sensittivity: S= 20.67 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2) ; Calibration uncertainty +- 0.28 x 10^-6 V /(W/m2)
    In this case, Can i use the formula " scale factor = 119.21 / Calibration sheet number" ? 
    (S = 119.21 / 20.67 = 5.76; offset=0)
    Please help me
    Thank you very much
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    SementhilK reacted to David Carlson in nrgsupport.com $40 charge fraud   
    We have received some calls relating to a $40 charge on bank records referencing "nrgsupport.com".
    Please know that we have no affiliation with nrgsupport.com and that these charges were not made by NRG Systems, Inc or Renewable NRG Systems, Inc.
    If you have incurred charges like this your best bet is to contact your bank to report the most likely fraudulant charges.

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    SementhilK reacted to varun in BP 20 Sensor working   
    Please explain the working of BP 20 sensor inside..How it is measuring pressure when we are giving excitation voltage of 12 V..What is the sensor output voltage range..
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    SementhilK reacted to vinhquyen in Windlinx service   
    Hello Sir/Mad,
    I have a .ipk file from my iPack. But the Ipack is not here. I want to reset patch from my office.
    I am not sure that the Windlinx service can be used in this case
    I am sorry for understanding about the Windlinx.
    If the Windlinx service isn't used to reset patch from my office, How can i do that?
    Thank you very much,
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