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  1. Hi Natalie, We automatically load encrypted data from RWDs using Symphonie Data Retriever with the following steps, and we were hoping to be able to repeat this with RLDs and SymphoniePRO Desktop: User creates a site file with encryption password When a new RWD file comes in, open file with SDR command line interface and extract logger serial number (SDR auto matches to the site file and uses stored encryption password) Append serial number to file name (serial numbers are unique, site numbers are not, so we're making sure to have unique filenames via serial+site number) Send file down th
  2. Hi, I'm attempting to use the command line to process some encrypted .RLD files using SymphoniePRO Desktop. I've created a site file and saved the encryption password to it via the SymphoniePRO Desktop UI, and I've verified the encryption password has been saved, as I can import files without the prompt for the encryption password. This seems to demonstrate the site file retains the encryption password, but it doesn't work when processing via the command line. The context I'm using to process the files is: C:\RNRG\SymPro\> start /wait SymPRODesktop.exe /cmd convert /file <RLD filep
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