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Found 2 results

  1. RNRG Systems provides the iPackACCESS Modbus Client Demonstration Application for troubleshooting iPackACCESS setup and connections. This application is helpful as it is prepopulated with the correct input register entries. It is available here: http://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/documentation-and-downloads/software-downloads/detail/ipackaccess-modbus-client-demonstration-application Other software is available for this same purpose. The following is a set of instructions to get basic connectivity working between Ananas – Modbus/TCP client software and the iPackACCESS (with SymphoniePLUS3) Download ananas: http://www.tuomio.fi/ananas/ Run the exe Allow access when prompted by Windows Click the “Show” button under the Client heading on the main window to edit the connection settings Click the “Connect…” button to enter the IP address and Port number for the iPackACCESS You can view this in the logger display by pressing [HOME][3][4][6]. Click OK to connect. Click the Input registers radio button. Enter the input registers you want to read, and click Add (or hit the Enter key). In this example I’m reading registers 2001 – 2005 for some time data. A full list of available registers is available in the iPackACCESS manual, starting on page 30: http://www.renewablenrgsystems.com/services-support/documentation-and-downloads/manuals/detail/manual-ipackaccess You can close the above window now, or just switch over to the main window to view the register values.
  2. The firmware of a Renewable NRG iPackGPS communication module can be updated both manually and remotely. *Please note - only iPackGPS and iPackACCESS units can have their firmware field upgraded (firmware versions 53 and higher). All older iPack types must be sent to RNRG Systems for upgrades. Manual Firmware Upgrade: To manually update the iPackGPS firmware, visit the iPackGPS firmware download page here: http://www.nrgapps.com/ipackfw/. To manually update the iPackACCESS firmware, visit the iPackACCESS firmware download page here: http://nrgapps.com/ipackaccessfw/. Instead of filling out all of the relevant iPackGPS information, simply right click on the "(download)" button to the right of the latest firmware version (at the time of this post the latest firmware version is version 61, ie. "iPackGPS_v60") and choose "Save Link As...". (Please note, the image above is from the iPackGPS firmware page. The iPackACCESS firmware page looks slightly different). Your computer will ask where to download the firmware update file. You can save the file anywhere on your computer, but we generally recommend installing the file on the desktop to make it easy to find. Connect the iPackGPS to the computer with the firmware file on it, open Symphonie Data Retriever, click on "Site" and select "Modify iPack Settings". Choose the "iPackGPS/Acc" tab and then select the "Actions" sub-tab. Click on "Firmware upload". The program will ask you to locate the firmware file that you downloaded from the web (and probably saved to your desktop). Select the file and click OK. You will see the progress as the firmware is updated within the iPackGPS. The iPackGPS firmware should now be up to date and register as a "iPackGPS v60" when connected to Symphonie Data Retriever or viewed through the logger. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remote Firmware Upgrade: *Please note: we do not recommend upgrading from version 57 to version 60 firmware remotely unless the SMTP and POP3 ports entered in the iPack/ACC tab are known. If an erroneous port number is entered and the iPack is upgraded from version 57 to version 60, the functionality of the iPack may be compromised. Please contact Technical Services with any questions at support@rnrgsystems.com. Available PackGPS firmware versions can be found here: http://www.nrgapps.com/ipackfw/. Available iPackACCESS firmware versions can be found here: http://nrgapps.com/ipackaccessfw/. Select the latest firmware version by clicking the radio button to the left of the firmware title. Enter the Email Address of the iPack, which is generally the same as the "SMTP Login", "POP3 Mailbox Name" and "Sender's E-mail Address" in the *.ipk file. Enter the Site Number of the logger that the iPackGPS is connected to. Choose Satellite if sending to a Satellite iPackGPS unit, or Other if sending to a CDMA, GSM or 3G iPackGPS. Type in the Captcha information and press "Send Firmware". Log into the SMTP/POP3 email account for the iPack and confirm that the firmware update file is sitting in the inbox and that there aren't any other messages in the inbox. The firmware update will usually take two complete call cycles to be applied (except for Satellite iPackGPS units which split the file into multiple smaller packets. The update takes about 7 days for a Satellite iPack to complete).
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