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What happens if the time zone in the logger is set incorrectly? What happens if the time was not set correctly in the logger?

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 All data in the field is stamped with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).  The time zone is really like a scale factor / offset for the ?raw? time.   So if the crew makes an error in the time / time zone at install, Symphonie will fix its UTC when it calls a time server, and the time zone can be set in the SDR site file (data processing stage).




Effects of improperly programmed time / timezones:




?         If the iPack doesn?t successfully talk to the time server, the time will stay incorrect and the UTC itself will be incorrect.


?         Files will not go midnight ? midnight local time, they?ll be some other 24 hour period (like 3AM to 3 AM).


?         Call time is entered in local time  - the call will not happen at the programmed time (but it will still call).




NRG is located in the eastern United States and loggers ship from NRG with the time zone defaulted to Eastern Time USA (-5 UTC).


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