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Windlinx CDMA and Canada

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Prior to Windlinx' introduction in June 2010, the TELUS based CDMA iPack (SN 4222NNNN) was used for serivce in Canada.  Intiialization was sometimes tricky for the TELUS based units and the TELUS based units were the only CDMA choice.  For those of you that are used to the TELUS iPacks, Windlinx should be much simpler!

With Windlinx, the user can purchase a Windlinx CDMA  iPack (SN 3861NNNN) which will roam onto TELUS and BELL Mobility in Canada.  These units are pre-initialized at NRG and no further intialization is required in the field.  Just place the Windlinx generated IPK file into the unit and place a test data call.


  • Do not remove the 3861 CDMA iPack from Windlinx to try and go directly to TELUS or another Canadien based provider.  The iPack is not directly compatible with those networks and there will not be a way to initialize the unit in Canada. 

  • The unit works through roaming agreements into Canada.  You may notice the MDN of the iPack looks foreign - that is normal.
  • Do not try to initialize the Windlinx iPack (SN 3861NNNN).
  • The TELUS iPacks (SN 4222NNNN) cannot be updated to Windlinx






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