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Ice Free III Vs MAX 40 Wind Speed reporting

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 Does anyone have a consensus relationship or ratio between the 10 min average wind speeds reported by Ice Free III and the MAX 40?  Certainly calibration will play into a bit but any general agreement on the ratio one might expect to see for both anemometers mounted at the same height.  NRG says they should report the same wind speeds but empirically this does not prove to be the case.


Thanks in advance.

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The relationship or ratio between the IceFree3 and #40 anemoemters is influenced by factors such as site conditions, mounting arrangements, and of course, the difference is sensor design.   I would suggest reviewing the following application note with regard to this topic:


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We had actually been using the process defined in the application note.  However due to the vibration slowdown issue with the MAX 40 it becomes very tricky to develop that relationship.  Hence I was looking for any correlations that might be pre-existing to the 2005 slowdown issue or that have been validated against non affected anemometers.  Just looking for a baseline to compare our sensor relationship to.



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