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Julia Austin

Generating reports from SDR

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Once raw data files (*.rwd files) have been imported, you can generate reports.  Go to SDR's Site menu, and choose View Database.  From the Select a Site screen, choose the site number for which you'd like to generate reports and click OK.


The window will show the date range of imported data.  Click "Create New" button to set up what type of reports you wish to generate in the Create New Report screen.


Select the Report Type from the drop-down menu, and then choose which channel to use for the report, and then click OK.


To generate the report, put a check in the box to the left of the report, and click "Run Checked".


Select the date range for the report, and click OK. 


Please note that some types of reports present just one month of data at a time, so even if you choose a date range of 1 year, the software will generate 12 individual monthly reports.  The report(s) will appear on your screen, and you have the option to view them prior to printing.  The reports will be saved with a *.wmf (Windows metafile) file extension in an automatically created sub-folder within the Reports folder:



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Hi Ben,

That's a good question.  The quick answer is yes.  NRG Sitefiles are in an MS Access format.  This means they can be linked to using ODBC.  I cannot give any support specific to Crystal Reports as I don't have any experience with that program.

Please post your findings to this thread if you give it a try.

All the best,


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