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Vaisala WAA151 and WAV151 sensors

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Thank you for your question.

 The Vaisala WAA151 is compatible: 

To connect this sensor to the Symphonie Plus 3 you will
have to use one of the Flex channels 4-6 with a Digital Anemometer SCM (3151)

If you are powering the sensor for the heater you
should only have to wire the B-Ground to GND and C- front signal output to SIG.

If you are going to power the sensor from the iPack
battery, not including the heater power, you will attach the A- F+ power input
to EXC.

This is right on the boarder of being possible so I would
recommend two 5W PV panels instead of one.


The WAV151 Sensor is not compatible with the Symphonie Plus 3 logger because it has a gray code output.


Let me know if you have further questions.

Link to sensor:

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