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Keeping IceFreeIII Heaters Connected

Matt Riley

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NRG IceFreeIII sensors are designed to be run with the heater connected at all times.

There are several reasons for this:

1)      All calculations regarding the accuracy of the transfer function are performed with the heater on.

2)      The heater, once the sensor gets to temperature, is variable, and only draws what power it needs to maintain the temperature.

3)      The internal mechanisms, including the bearings, are designed to function optimally when heated.

4)      Heating helps eliminate the possibility of  moisture contamination within the sensor, which can lead to shorts and oxidation.

5)      If the heater gets disconnected, it is highly probable, and historically well documented, that it may not get reconnected prior to an unforeseen icing event.

6)      Connecting the heater does alter the reaction time and threshold of the sensor, resulting in better low speed readings.

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