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Taking down 60m XD towers


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I am in the process of taking down 5- 60m XD towers and have a few problems. I have already taken one down and although successful it had some hairy moments and I am worried I am using the wrong size gin pole. My gin pole when put together and attached to the base does not line up with the chokers on the guy wires. I understand the process of taking these down and have done a few but I have never put one up so a few pieces are missing for me. I would imagine the process of taking them down is exactly opposite of putting them up minus the helper gin pole which ive seen is not necessary. I would think the chokers on the guy wires would come down exactly where the end of the gin pole head is for ease. On the first one I had to use crosby clips and this seems unnecessary. My other problem comes when the tower is down getting the gin pole to stay in line and directly follow the tower down without falling to the side. The gin pole im using is 8 1/4" OD at the base which leaves appr. 1 to 1 1/2 inches gap on either side on gin pole. I would imagine the base of the gin pole would fit perfectly inside the base of the tower with no gap. Any help would be appreciated as I have already had to repair the gin pole base once and I have 5 towers left. Thanks 

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