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calibration factors in data collection and conversion


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I am converting raw data to ascii data now, but I was hesitating to applied given scale and offset factors during coversion, would anyone mind clarifying the calibration factors application during wind measurement?


First of all, I?m wondering if I will apply manufacture calibration factors (the default values that if there is no site file setup during wind measurement) twice on the real data after my conversion. My understandings are as followings,


 If the real wind speed is 10m/s, will the data logger save the wind speed as 10m/s * default scale factor + default offset factor? And then after I convert the raw data(binary data) to ascii data, will the data retriever gives me value as (10m/s * default scale factor + default offset factor) * default scale factor + default offset factor?


So if I got specified calibration factors, will my final conversion apply default calibration factors and specified calibration factors? The final result is (10m/s * default scale factor + default offset factor) * given scale factor + given offset factor?


Thank you very much for your answers,

Tingyue Guan


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